50 Tips for Among Us

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Among Us is a fun game, but if you find yourself struggling to win as either impostor or crewmate, than this video will hopefully give you enough tips to up your game and make you less sus! Enjoy!
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Macro 17 күн мурун
new pfp. who dis?
Nerdiestyt 7 саат мурун
Nerdiestyt 7 саат мурун
Nerdiestyt 7 саат мурун
Nerdiestyt 7 саат мурун
The gaming Potato
The gaming Potato Күн мурун
Idk hoo u
The Lydmyster
The Lydmyster 31 мүнөт мурун
Whenever I'm an impostor and I get caught before my partner does, I'll try to trick people into thinking that someone else is the impostor. It has worked a few times.
Kushaan ??
Kushaan ?? 47 мүнөт мурун
Shield is a visual task
Knight Lite
Knight Lite 59 мүнөт мурун
The way he started the vid sounded like: "hi, I'm Ryan, and my life, its kinda crazy"
Mia Rojo
Mia Rojo Саат мурун
Know what things cover the sabotage button so when you see someone standing at those things (cams, admin, sensors, vents, etc) and a sabotage goes off, you cam confirm that they did not set off that sabotage. This doesnt necessarily clear them unless you are playing with only one impostor, but this information can still be useful
xoxsaanvi Саат мурун
Is this a different version of the game? I'm new :/ and the one I play is just normal, with no lava or extra rooms and stuff
Origami Ahsoka
Origami Ahsoka Саат мурун
I read your comments on para’s vid so checked out your channel, this was actually helpful lol
tetch 1
tetch 1 2 саат мурун
if macro and para are imposter What happens?
Keira McGrath
Keira McGrath 2 саат мурун
Theres nothing more annoying than getting voted off because everyone accused you of self report
GAME SKYY 2 саат мурун
HE forgot when you're PLAYING PUBLICLY
HADES 5.1 2 саат мурун
I remember when he used to make overwatch content lol
*Light Sky*
*Light Sky* 2 саат мурун
Prime shields is a visual task, the lights outside the ship will turn on and only one person has it. Remember this!
Thijs Boss
Thijs Boss 2 саат мурун
If you set your devices date to april first and host a game, the map will be inverted
Jevil 2 саат мурун
If someone is in sucurity (only 1) You can go into medbay close medbay and sucurity doors vent over and strike if some one reported the body bot to long after you can say you were scanning
ilyana 2 саат мурун
*the most helpful tips:* -don't go back and forth from a room to check if a person is in a room -don't stop moving when you sabotage -when the game begins and red is saying "shhh" click on him to start earlier -stand up for someone so that they will trust you that all i have, i'll edit this if i find out some more :))
Ghost #Gtx 960
Ghost #Gtx 960 2 саат мурун
Tip: When doing the engine alignment task in the Skeld. Do your first engine alignment and immediately after aligning the engine double tap the arrow to which you have to align it to and it will automatically complete the second engine alignment. Saving you a trip
Anne Beier
Anne Beier 3 саат мурун
littleX Kid
littleX Kid 4 саат мурун
I have a tip so sabotage the lights then close electrical door on the skeild map because then you can get kills easily and keep going in the electrical vent because if they open the door you can stack kill
Omar Khaled
Omar Khaled 5 саат мурун
Tip: you can see people vent from another room
geno wolf
geno wolf 5 саат мурун
build an imposter rep with friends so if you do something out of the ordinary as imposter they are not likely to suspect you example: We were playing an among us game, I usually never killed as imposter and I actually killed, none of them thought it was me
Omar Khaled
Omar Khaled 5 саат мурун
Lol i am already a good player
Hericide 6 саат мурун
ur trash
ian the conqueror
ian the conqueror 6 саат мурун
0:02 lol I have none of those
Denise Koch
Denise Koch 6 саат мурун
I got caught playing it to cool and then they voted me off
Angel Geronimo
Angel Geronimo 6 саат мурун
That happened to me
Angel Geronimo
Angel Geronimo 6 саат мурун
If your the imposter and you kill someone but someone is coming just hide the body
Vinh Tash
Vinh Tash 6 саат мурун
these are kinda obvious ngl
Lol Username
Lol Username 6 саат мурун
That intro was beautiful
Izzy Z
Izzy Z 6 саат мурун
#31 Stick to someone you trust Me playing with my friends: Don't follow me 😃👍✨
Team Blue
Team Blue 6 саат мурун
Tip: When you sabotoge keep moving or else someone might think your sus
thewatermelon_hippo 6 саат мурун
tip sabotage wile faking a task
Itz_Dragon Mapping
Itz_Dragon Mapping 7 саат мурун
Tip: Shields is a visual task!
Ayman Alkabsh
Ayman Alkabsh 7 саат мурун
Thanks for ur help macro👌
sub to Dream
sub to Dream 7 саат мурун
Public games: Cyan: dies Red: reports Literally everyone on earth: *W H E R E* red: electrical Me: ok what was everyone do- Orange: CYAN VENTED Green: purple sus he breathed Me: Cyan is de- Red: it's green Yellow: probably a self rep Me: SHUT UPYGFFUYDFYGUSYDYGUDGUDYYF lime: ... Me: just ski- Red: purple sus Me: no u Orange: I was cleaning the vents the whole time! Everyone: ............. *purple was not the imposter* Edit: I was purple
Longest Schlong
Longest Schlong 7 саат мурун
Tip 1: When somebody “admits” they’re impostor don’t vote them off. They most likely just want to leave the game and move on to another without penalty. Instead skip and ask them to vent. Tip 2: When somebody calls a meeting or reports then tell everyone you’re going to follow somebody you’re sus of and if you die it’s them. This is an op strat because if you die they’ll know it’s that person, and if you don’t die you’ll have an alibi.
Hitoshi Shinsou
Hitoshi Shinsou 7 саат мурун
1:24 - also on the map skeld the shields task in the corner, you can see the lights go on, on the side of the ship
Berry Foxel
Berry Foxel 7 саат мурун
Extra tip: if you get voted off as an Impostor don't leave yet! You can help another impostor(s), like lock him up with a crewmate or just simply sabotage (I mostly recommend sabotaging electricity cuz nobody will be able to see you if u kill obviously)
Beat 8 саат мурун
40% subbed viewers is actually like a record. I've seen most KGpostrs getting 10%.
isak hallman
isak hallman 8 саат мурун
great video, keep it up!
Yasin Dabdoub
Yasin Dabdoub 8 саат мурун
For impostors the first 2 tasks have crewmates so if they r not visual the y can fake ir
Ebzy Shop
Ebzy Shop 8 саат мурун
TIP FOR IMPOSTORS: if someone go to medbay close door in medbay then go to security and vent to mebay boom a kill then vent to elec
atome 365
atome 365 8 саат мурун
do not block the code, how am I supposed to troll if u do ?
FluffyPomPom 8 саат мурун
once i was imposter with some other girl and she sucked so bad like she would kill in front of people and she got voted out, but she was angry or something because she kept doing the oxygen sabotage EVERY DANG MINUTE and it was annoying af, plus she closed the doors whenever she could, like omfg. i ended up winning because i've been playing among us for like 2 months everyday so- also i cussed her out and she banned me *WIMP*
StarStruc Yeet
StarStruc Yeet 9 саат мурун
If your trying to kill someone as imposter but cams are on don't just to to a place that doesn't have cams Instead sabotage coms then kill
Insomnia Bacon
Insomnia Bacon 9 саат мурун
U and serpent anywhere good frineds
Amaia Judge
Amaia Judge 9 саат мурун
TIP FOR IMPOSTER In skeld map go to eletrical wait for 1 person, sabotage door kill the person then vent to medbay (Strategy I always use) use wisely 🧠
Bluun 9 саат мурун
Look around the medbay area(in admin) and if someone is pinging between the rooms then they’re most likely the impostor
Dry Bones
Dry Bones 9 саат мурун
No mentioning that you can't fake shields? *That's sus.*
Ivy Qi
Ivy Qi 10 саат мурун
aye thanks I learned a lot
Scruffygitt 10 саат мурун
I just wish i had enough online friends to play this with...
lucija c
lucija c 10 саат мурун
hi you’re my favorite KGpostr☺️☺️ 👇🏻
Never DeeBo_2
Never DeeBo_2 10 саат мурун
R.I.P old macro PFP
Lazer Fan
Lazer Fan 10 саат мурун
Tip: Even when the lights are off, cameras have night vision and can see through walls so watch out for that
Ronyx 10 саат мурун
TIP: If you have to aligne engine output , you can double-tap on the white arrow after you aligned upper or lower engine the other one is done automatically and you dont have to run to the other engine. I hope i explained easy to understand and sorry for some mistakes 🦥
Kia Tab
Kia Tab 10 саат мурун
i am the one guy who hasnt seen the imposter screen for 48 years i have been trying and trying and all i ever get is crew. BUT I DIDNT LEAVE BECAUSE OF IT
Tony Malhotra
Tony Malhotra 10 саат мурун
QNS Echo
QNS Echo 11 саат мурун
Don't leave just because ur not imposter calm tf down kid
Jackson Dominique
Jackson Dominique 11 саат мурун
You are copying someone elts
Azwow 11 саат мурун
Tip: when faking a task wait for the green bar to go up then move
your mom
your mom 11 саат мурун
bllocky 11 саат мурун
All: lie
slimeblock vs TNT
slimeblock vs TNT 11 саат мурун
When I’m silent In among us I’m never caught
TornadoBuster 11 саат мурун
Dudeeeeee litterly in every round i play someone use discord call I wanna punch them in the face
Xxshadow_ toxicxX
Xxshadow_ toxicxX 11 саат мурун
am i the only one who stays in vents until the body is reported?
Zeyad Wahdan
Zeyad Wahdan 11 саат мурун
tip : when you start the game and you see someone going to do the upload in admin room just be suspended of them
MAstered Arefair
MAstered Arefair 11 саат мурун
This is why Im Soo good at this game *WATCHING MACRO'S TIPS AND GUIDES*
• Annie •
• Annie • 12 саат мурун
Tip:dont vote me
Lovlxy Foxx
Lovlxy Foxx 12 саат мурун
i have some tips so if your the imposter and there is a person everybody saw scan, do weapons ect. try to kill that person bc if not then they can start narrowing down the poeple they know are cleared and insantly know its you. another tip is if there are two people who are teaming and are always together try to kill one of them bc chances are them both will end up as the last few people alive and since they where together the whole time they will know its u
Melvin Sterner
Melvin Sterner 12 саат мурун
The “Shields: Prime Shields” task is also a visual task. At the start of the game if anyone has the prime shield task the lights to the right of shields are broken. And when the task gets completed for the first time the lights start glowing again.
Samson Shadin
Samson Shadin 12 саат мурун
Try to pull of joe mama jokes then people will sus you less works every time but don't do it too much or it might bite you back
100K Subscribers With No Videos
100K Subscribers With No Videos 12 саат мурун
I only have two big brain play 1. If im impostor on polus I secretly go to o2 at the start and someone else walks in and I close the doors and kill them then vent 2. If im crew-mate on any map and the lights are switched off and everyone goes to fix them I stay out of the crowd and the impostor stack kills and I see it all and report
Melvin Sterner
Melvin Sterner 12 саат мурун
Hi Macro! I’ve been a big fan of you and have supported you since your first Overwatch videos. You have helped me through some really dark times. Thanks for making these awesome videos and keep it up!
Matei Ghiur
Matei Ghiur 12 саат мурун
Tip:Never self report if you're the impostor
flash Strick
flash Strick 13 саат мурун
Thanks Macro for tip I fool my friend with your tip 😂😂 I fool them a lot that they left the game
R Marquis
R Marquis 13 саат мурун
These are great until your in a public server "Blue sus" Blue was not the impostor
The Best Goi
The Best Goi 13 саат мурун
The public server we all wished we could have White (Me) as impostor: where? Blue: in reactor Me: did you see anybody? Cyan: Red sus he was following me (Red being the other impostor): I was following you so I could have a team. Cyan ok I guess Purple: I'm still sus of red because he was alone a lot of the time... The whole server: Randomly votes lime *Lime was not the impostor.* 2 Impostors remain. *EMERGENCY MEETING* Everybody: what is it? Green: RED WAS CHASING ME AND VENTED White (me): Proof? Purple: We don't need any. I saw on cams. Plus that's kinds sus White... White (me): Red, Lime, and Pink saw me do Simon says and the wiring. Pink: I can confirm that. *67 seconds remaining* Black: Guys lets not vote now we need to watch Red do tasks so we can confirm. *21 seconds remaining* Green: DID YOU GUYS EVEN SEE WHAT I SAID?!? *Nobody was ejected. (Skipped)* 2 Impostors remain. *DEAD BODY REPORTED* Pink: where? Blue: where?/u (No that wasn't a typo that was a stereotype) Red: Where White (me): In Reactor Pink: saw anybody coming from there? Plus there is 7 people left so we need to use this time to gather info White (me): You are correct, and I didn't see anybody coming from there. Green: RED KEEPS FOLLOWING ME VOTE HIM OUT *Black (Dead):* Who killed you Orange? *Orange (Dead):* White. He vented straight a******. *Black (Dead):* Why is after tagged? *Orange (Dead):* Idk among us is being weird. Pink: Green might be telling the truth. We need to listen to him. Plus red is being really quiet... Red: Green lie (A really bad lie) *18 seconds left* White (my brain): If I throw, they won't sus me. But I'll risk Red telling them I'm the other imposter. White (me): If it isn't Red, It's Green. *Red was the Imposter.* *1 Imposter remains.* *EMERGENCY MEETING* Pink, Blue, and White: What is it Purple: has anybody noticed that White hasn't done any tasks? White (my mind): *they didn't remember me doing Simon says? White (me): Pink didn't you see me do Simon says? Pink: I don't recall, But I guess? Yellow: SORRY I WAS AFK AND GREEN AND BROWN ARE DED *Yellow was not the Imposter.* *1 Imposter remains.* *EMERGENCY MEETING* Pink: This is pretty obvious. Blue? Blue: Yep. He was the only onw who wasn't with us. White (me): Frick- *White was the Imposter.* *0 imposters remain.* *Victory* *Pink, and Blue.* Yellow (lobby): WHY DID YOU VOTE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Red (lobby): ____ you green and ____ you White *Red has been kicked by the host, Pink.* *Yellow has left the game.* *Brown has left the game due to error.* White (me): GG Pink and Blue. Pink and blue (lobby): gg to you too white. Pink (lobby): I've finally gotten in a good server! I'd stick here for the rest of the day! Pink (lobby): but I have to go eat lunch, so bye! Me and Blue (lobby): Bye Pink! It was nice playing with you! *6/10 players* *Pink has left the game* Orange (lobby): yay I'm the new host! Black (lobby): White why did you kill me? White (lobby): because of what you said. You were gonna clear red but he was the impostor and I wanted to stop him from having to fake a common task. I should have let you do It because he was kind of a jerk. Black (lobby): I agree. Gtg now! White (me): ok bye! *Black has left the game.* *4/10 players* Next round: White (Crewmate) Hi guys! leave a like and tell me if you want me to finish this! This took about an hour to type!
lk 13 саат мурун
I dont even play this game lol
WILD ESCANOR 14 саат мурун
Now I didn't even get imposter
Daffa Hilmi Ar Rafi
Daffa Hilmi Ar Rafi 14 саат мурун
The easiest way to win as a crewmate 4:25
I just viewed ur vid
I just viewed ur vid 14 саат мурун
A moon guuse
Utkarsh Raj
Utkarsh Raj 14 саат мурун
A tip : You can see the vent animation from different rooms also . Eg: U can see the vent open and close in nedbay even if u are in electrical
naruto ouzomaki
naruto ouzomaki 14 саат мурун
Cody Last Name
Cody Last Name 15 саат мурун
You could do everything right as an impostor, but when 1/3 of the crew is trolling, and 1/3 of the crew have no idea what they're doing, you will get voted out for no reason pretty often. Other times you will win matches where you obviously should have been caught but you get away with it because, again, your opponents are just trolling or they are unexperienced with the game. That's the nature of among us. Lol, not a very consistent game.
Guppie skywalker
Guppie skywalker 15 саат мурун
Shields also visual
ClickBaitEr 15 саат мурун
Srujan Jogin
Srujan Jogin 15 саат мурун
Bianca 15 саат мурун
Here is a tip that I am surprised is not in the video. BE A GOOD PLAYER Leaving the game without reason may spoil the game for others. Did not get you wanted to be, please don't leave right out of the gate. Big groups that quickly dwindle down to 4 or less are not fun for anyone. If you want to leave and you are imposter, experiment with a quick kill or launch a meeting. Wishing folks good luck or apologising to leaving the game (especially the host player) is a kind gesture I think other players would not mind every now and again. I have hardly seen a round last more than 10 minutes for whatever reason and seen rounds end in seconds because all imposters left. Again, it is fine when this happens once or twice for a good reason (life and whatnot) but a constant loop of players leaving because they are not happy with the round gets old. If I may add another point. No matter your appearance in-game, behaviour in chat or the name you gave yourself. It is all fun and games until a player takes a joke too far and no one finds it funny. As much as players get used to the randomness of the game, making the best of the game for yourself and others are much better than seeing how else you can mess up around that is not in the game. Same applies to cheating. NO, it is not hilarious to see a crewmember zipping across the screen like a rocket or the imposter's win be the default. Have fun, know your own limits, acknowledge boundaries, accommodate when necessary and thank you for reading thus far. The video is good and I hope the tips in the video reach other players too.
Kira the Futa Succubus
Kira the Futa Succubus 16 саат мурун
Pay attention to pets. Your pet goes to the center of you when you pull up a task. Best way to tell if they’re faking a task is if their pet doesn’t walk to the center of where they’re standing. Imposters, you can fake the pet thing too, click on the option button and your pet goes to the center of where you’re standing, good luck.
Leena Altaf
Leena Altaf 16 саат мурун
Do you know that shields is also a visual task? Get someone to go with you to shields and make them (MAKEE THEMM) look out the window, so that you can see 2 (sort of) rectangular shapes. Once the task is done, they will light up, and stay lit up for the rest of the match. It is also a great way to see if anyone is faking a task that someone already did. Hope this helps :)
ĐĔMØŃ ČÝBØŘĞ 16 саат мурун
Tip no.1:- Don't leave the game if you are not a impostor.
Nathan fallon
Nathan fallon 16 саат мурун
Shields is also a visual task not many people know about it bc it's descent but when someone does sheilds the 3 lights on there right flash and if they don't flash then the person faked task
Emma S
Emma S 17 саат мурун
When you are with someone in a room and then someone comes in and leaves without doing anything they are probably the impostor, i feel like most of the people already know this but hey someone may not know it.
Estelasabeniano5 17 саат мурун
Me: see’s body White: where? Blue:where? Purple: where? Cyan:where? Orange:where Me: at medbay Cyan: anyone sus? Me: no, I didn’t see anyone coming from there. White: yellow {me} is sus Me: how? White has voted. 5 votes left. Blue has voted. 4 votes left. Purple have voted. 3 votes left. Cyan has voted. 2 votes left Orange has voted. 1 task left Me irl: bruh { skips vote} Everyone votes me Yellow was not the imposter. At the end of the game: White and orange were the imposters OR me: calls emergency meeting Purple: what? Orange: yes? White: who? Yellow: why? Cyan: I WAS DOING A TASK WHAT DO YOU WANT? Me: I SAW ORANGE KILL RED! orange: nah pink { me} is sus. Purple has voted. 5 votes left. Orange has voted. 4 votes left. White has voted. 3 votes left. Yellow has voted. 2 votes left. Cyan has voted. 1 vote left. Me irl: BRUH THEY BETTER NOT VOTE ME I GAVE EVIDENCE ORANGE JUST SAID I’M SUS. me: votes orange Pink was not the imposter Me irl: BRUH YA’LL STUPID at the end of the game: Orange was the imposter DO NOT POINT FINGERS WITH NO EVIDENCE! ITS ANNOYING! IF YOU’RE IMPOSTER AND SOMEONE SAYS THEY SAW U VENT OR KILL DON’T SAY THEY VENTED OR KILLED UNLESS THERS ONLY 3 PLAYERS LEFT! IF THAT PERSON GET VOTED OUT EVERYONE WILL KNOW ITS YOU!
samnang's wakanda channel
samnang's wakanda channel 17 саат мурун
i remember your name in a server among us
Saiverlation HD
Saiverlation HD 17 саат мурун
Among Us Gameplay kgpost.info/will/video/kmPIqp96yGCjnck
Mason Dennis
Mason Dennis 18 саат мурун
hi, im macro, and this, is 50 tips for Among Us. me: Why isnt the for noobs music playing?
Panda XoXo Gacha
Panda XoXo Gacha 18 саат мурун
I love among us
Panda XoXo Gacha
Panda XoXo Gacha 18 саат мурун
Judite Silina
Judite Silina 19 саат мурун
Tell me how to be siren head in among us pls
Dweam da Simp
Dweam da Simp 19 саат мурун
I do the #27 lol
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