50 Tips for Apex Legends

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One of the most commented things is "How do I Get Good at Apex?" Well, I have 50 tips to help you with that! Hopefully you learn something...
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Macro 9 ай мурун
Tip 51: follow me on Twitter @theMacroShow
ItzMango Күн мурун
DroppedYT Күн мурун
50 more tips??
Void Walker
Void Walker 2 күн мурун
Please do a new 50 tips for Apex legends cause SO much has changed since this one, also the voices in my head told me to tell u
blowy_epoch 234
blowy_epoch 234 2 күн мурун
Jay zillion
Jay zillion 4 күн мурун
Playing letters of the bus on the white girl I swear everybody play that game that
JazzyMilk99 3 саат мурун
Once I got a win all by myself because my teammate left
Judylaine Carreon
Judylaine Carreon 4 саат мурун
Excuse me when your team mate ping something and it is gone you can just check your map and you see it their is a time limit of ping
Bainsboy 5 саат мурун
Thanks I’m so much better
SheJinZhao 5 саат мурун
Tip 52 : use octanes speed to get out the storm faster its worth the damage
Malachi King
Malachi King 11 саат мурун
tip 51 don't be a noooooooooooooooooooooooooooob
charlotte riney
charlotte riney 18 саат мурун
tip 51: choose a main gun just incase because you will know everything about it and it could help you alot :)
Marina Salome Arevalo Rubio
Marina Salome Arevalo Rubio Күн мурун
resident evil 2
Zaesting Күн мурун
This video didn’t age well, the game is dead
Mg 30
Mg 30 Күн мурун
Imagine if your level 40 and still can’t aim for crap that’s me
apex tricks and clipz N2
apex tricks and clipz N2 2 күн мурун
What the heck happened to bang for noobs
Lucy Fernandes
Lucy Fernandes 2 күн мурун
Here's a tip brig the r-99 back
blowy_epoch 234
blowy_epoch 234 2 күн мурун
Krysten Foh
Krysten Foh 2 күн мурун
Tip use epic skins their just paint and they look cool
Trasher gaming
Trasher gaming 3 күн мурун
I am watching this video while I am downloading apex on my pc.
Ortho Games11
Ortho Games11 4 күн мурун
Tips for Apex right now again don’t leave the match because it has a abandon penalty I learned that the hard way
Woods W
Woods W 3 күн мурун
I have not gotten one
Omar - Voltaicest
Omar - Voltaicest 4 күн мурун
my name marcos to even though my middle name is omar
T.L.P 4 күн мурун
Im good except my aim
Awwab Ahmed
Awwab Ahmed 5 күн мурун
Michael Mezarina
Michael Mezarina 5 күн мурун
Tip 51: stop telling your team mates to res you in a middle of a fight it's annoying
DU11KNIFE013 6 күн мурун
thanks macro :3
Mr.creeper 12
Mr.creeper 12 6 күн мурун
Im a starter
Laughing Xelor 303
Laughing Xelor 303 6 күн мурун
I wish mortal kombat content creators formatted their tip videos like this. Especially when there are SO many more variables and strategies than a shooter.
Star !
Star ! 6 күн мурун
Love this but i never found interest in this game i thought it was like team deathmatch only and some kind of borderlands first person and third person idk but now season 5 and 6 im all for it and im heavily on it.
Ammazer 122
Ammazer 122 7 күн мурун
Bloodhound for noobs
Ultra God 34
Ultra God 34 7 күн мурун
i leave every game i play when i die lol
***Mohamad **Karim***
***Mohamad **Karim*** 8 күн мурун
Macro:" If u have a digital threat give it to bangalore Also macro having a digital threat and a Bangalore and not giving it the digital threat 6:31
Wolfflow500 9 күн мурун
I am amazed how many people do not bodyblock doors to give your team recovery time, fail to use cover to reload, and don't use their abilities
Dead Fire
Dead Fire 9 күн мурун
tip 52: dont listen to tip 1-52
boxzaaa 10 күн мурун
Tip 51:Don’t lose because that will not make you win
AcridDragoon 10 күн мурун
Me, an intellectual, watching the video for the 3rd time: Interesting...
weeznTV 10 күн мурун
marco hit hardstuck diamond
Henry Wolfsbane
Henry Wolfsbane 11 күн мурун
Play legends that compliment echother
Lightning ?
Lightning ? 12 күн мурун
Tip 50: That tip is situational because when you die and there's 17 squads left, it's worth leaving, and if there's 2 squads (like in your video) it's worth staying. So yea...
Rascalix 11 күн мурун
Right ok I’ve been playing this game since release and imma just say this now. There is a little something called a respawn beacon and if you leave them it’s really annoying also many people leave my games when I’m playing randos with them and them I end up clutching and winning. And you can always get respawned again soooo...
Hunter Castellano
Hunter Castellano 13 күн мурун
Quick tip if your lifeline already has a gold backpack, or your squad doesn't have a lifeline give a gold backpack to either your mirage or your gibby. because your mirage revives inviable and your gibby revives quick in his bubble.
Judylaine Carreon
Judylaine Carreon 14 күн мурун
Tip 55: Don't push without your team mate cause you might die fast and when you are fighting all on your own and your team mates are looting tell them to stop looting and help
Julie Harris
Julie Harris 14 күн мурун
Tip: Practice in firing range before joining a match it will refresh your skills and you will hit more shots than miss.
Couch Protato
Couch Protato 15 күн мурун
Tip 51: Use Wraiths Tactical ability to get out of tough situations Tip 52: Use wraiths ultimate to get your teammates out of a bad area (Also Combine With Tactical Ability)
Stan The Gamer
Stan The Gamer 15 күн мурун
For some reson i played apex for 3 months and i am in preditor and i was always a solo
My Cat Simon
My Cat Simon 15 күн мурун
Thank you so much for this video. I downloaded Apex Legends on our PS4. When I knock someone down I keep killing them, but now I will kill the alive members of the squad first. I just watched a "which Legend should I buy in Apex Legends" video because i just got enough coins to buy a Legend! Anyways, thank you for this video :)
Lukas Carr
Lukas Carr 15 күн мурун
Basic tips for noobs. Knew all of these tips before watching the video.
blip blip
blip blip 16 күн мурун
On my first ever game team work was on point like god damn Apex is one of those games were it feels good to work together
Hey Im Watchin You
Hey Im Watchin You 18 күн мурун
I remember when i said "lets drop at the end of the map, more safer that way" then my teammate said "shut up noob" then bruh he died first, did not even bother picking up his banner
Didyousaybacon 19 күн мурун
no, i feel like they should add skill-based matchmaking on public lobbies it is really unfair cause I'm a level 63 and I have to fight against level 500.
Dosomestuff 20 күн мурун
Tip 51: parashock isn’t even that handsome
I'm the captain now.
I'm the captain now. 20 күн мурун
5:05 or mirage
Xanulite 20 күн мурун
Bro, i watched this when it first came out. I'm re watching it now for some reason, and i realized how much I learned from this. Half of these tips I always use, without even thinking about it.
Clash_Blazr50 20 күн мурун
"Don't immediatly thirst downed opponents" What TTV Wraiths see "Thirst downed opponents"
DREADROOK 87 21 күн мурун
after watching this vid i am now diamond in apex
CookieBoio 22 күн мурун
Tip 40: macro u can actually hear audio???
Thomas Croutch
Thomas Croutch 24 күн мурун
Another rule should be listen to ur teamates fucking pings.
Thomas Croutch
Thomas Croutch 24 күн мурун
Practice practice practice . I'm shit until I get going again. Hence why im here looking for a short cut lol
sai janani
sai janani 24 күн мурун
Another tip u can shoot a little front when u have a sniper when the enemie is movimg so it hit him xD
E-STAUF 25 күн мурун
honestly I fell like a lot of this video was part of macro's pet peeves
Swami Dawar
Swami Dawar 26 күн мурун
Tip 51 use mouse and keyboard so there is no recoil
Matt Casto
Matt Casto 27 күн мурун
My monitor is 1050p and on this game it will only ley me go 900p how do I fix that?
Harbouche Ayoub
Harbouche Ayoub 28 күн мурун
my brother want me to dress like loba in his birthday 😂 it's better to have a professional coach than just watching , here some coaches pick one and start improve your legends skills www.foorpaeh.com/2020/09/apex-legends-skills-i-will-coach-you-to.html
Harbouche Ayoub
Harbouche Ayoub 28 күн мурун
my brother want me to dress like loba in his birthday 😂 it's better to have a professional coach than just watching , here some coaches pick one and start playing like a professional www.foorpaeh.com/2020/09/apex-legends-skills-i-will-coach-you-to.html
Stacy A
Stacy A 29 күн мурун
How do I get good at apex my aim is bad
Nahuel 28 күн мурун
try aim trainers
ETHAN STEARNS 29 күн мурун
Follow macro
bye Felicia
bye Felicia 29 күн мурун
4:18: Pathfinder voice :Am i a joke to you friend?
Amoeba #amoeba
Amoeba #amoeba 29 күн мурун
Always gatekeep with bamgalore and caustic
Aleks Stasik
Aleks Stasik 29 күн мурун
Tip: don't take 3 attack or 3 defend characters take support attack defend or another just don't take 3 classes that are support just don't you won't get much win rate
Sandhya S
Sandhya S Ай мурун
Tip 52 : Get a pc which can run roblox over 40 fps
A Normal Person
A Normal Person Ай мурун
If somebody dibs something don’t take it from them before they can pick it up. Chances are they are good with that item.
res kon
res kon Ай мурун
0:18 watch at 0.25 speed, crosshair shaking like aimbot
Brandyn Ashley
Brandyn Ashley Ай мурун
Literally just downloaded this game 2 days ago and already won a match for not leaving. 😂 I believed in my boy!! 💪🏽
Harry Tuppen
Harry Tuppen Ай мурун
Good tips mate
Harry Tuppen
Harry Tuppen Ай мурун
Good tips mate
Windless Ай мурун
I remember when I was so confused about how I could self Rez during season 1 lol
smash combo smash boy
smash combo smash boy Ай мурун
Good tips👍
Brit Musser
Brit Musser Ай мурун
Tip 51: play with friends Me: sad lonely noises
Jen Ай мурун
You guys r speaking a different language istg💀
Spetnaz Ай мурун
I thougth the finishers was just for saying like "hah you fucking noob im going to destroy you and mock you you fucker haha noob" not for replendishing the shields
Henning Walther
Henning Walther Ай мурун
Tipp idk mabye 1728: if a mare gets respawned dont loot the bins around
ירין בודאקי
ירין בודאקי Ай мурун
Tip 51:sub to macro.
Stijn Niens
Stijn Niens Ай мурун
craig kitson
craig kitson Ай мурун
If a care package is steamed bf that mean it was recently looted
craig kitson
craig kitson Ай мурун
If a care package is steaming that means it was recently looted
Zack Ederson
Zack Ederson Ай мурун
EXACTLY, DONT LEAVE DA GAME UNTIL ITS OVER srsly i have to deal with this stuff everytime i play apex
FLaMeZz WRecker
FLaMeZz WRecker Ай мурун
If i was nockt i would give my teammates ccover with the nock down shield
Stan Hunter
Stan Hunter Ай мурун
Is 0.63 a bad KDR?
Irfan B
Irfan B Ай мурун
Don't let ur teammate fight alone. 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 2 is better than 1 v 1 Ape together, stronger!
Jimmy R
Jimmy R Ай мурун
I dont care about getting a win if im going to be spectating most of the match. I want to play. Otherwise, great tips.
nike gamer
nike gamer Ай мурун
dont die
mahin ahmed
mahin ahmed Ай мурун
Baka Nya
Baka Nya Ай мурун
so many fandoms leave matches right when they’re downed, it’s so annoying
Yoola' Roola
Yoola' Roola Ай мурун
now a days every ramdom leaves when the just down
Maria Huerta
Maria Huerta Ай мурун
#26 is not going to be easy now with the new nerf
JudahKNOWS Ай мурун
So yeah, like.....how do I get better at Apex legends?
kiki iriawan
kiki iriawan Ай мурун
Fábio Mendes
Fábio Mendes Ай мурун
Today while I was playing just when i was almost grabing my teammate's banner we quit... Jerk move
SecondFirefly Ай мурун
Tip: You don’t have to kill em all, sometimes, you gotta run from em!
Storm_Supreme Ай мурун
Guys here’s a tip that no one tells you on how to win 100% of games all you need to do is not die
Choco fudge
Choco fudge Ай мурун
Wierd I never thirst that’s bad right?
TheTR Show
TheTR Show Ай мурун
Rewatching in sep 2020, crying from season 3 and old apex nostalgia. 😭😭😭
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Free Ebooks & Movies Ай мурун
Get the best Apex Legend Guide for only Germany citizens. to get the guide go to this link to get the guide: medium.com/@ikpenedavid1234/klicken-sie-hier-um-die-besten-apex-legends-leitfaden-6eba5fc5dec3?sk=688fe7eebaee63b2988ef86f0f15916a
Hamhumnie Ай мурун
It aint over till its over? Wait till you come to SEA servers and see how pathetic they are
Mabel Angeles
Mabel Angeles Ай мурун
im a noob
freezypop 4
freezypop 4 Ай мурун
Tip: 51, get a mike so that all of these tips can work
Elliot Ай мурун
now most of these tips are useless
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