The Apex Legends Tier List

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Now that we have 12 Legends, you may be wondering which Legend is the BEST and which is the WORST. Well this is a Tier List to help you understand just that!
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Check out Mokey's video on potential Octane Buffs:
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Macro 7 ай мурун
Tier Lists are cool and all but if you wanna make me really tear 😢 then follow me on Twitter @theMacroShow
Axelkunkles Sans
Axelkunkles Sans 3 күн мурун
@carrotz RADIATION lol
carrotz RADIATION 3 күн мурун
@Axelkunkles Sans macro: im glad you asked!
Ben Carter
Ben Carter Ай мурун
Wraith does not need a Nerf
Jackson Buckner
Jackson Buckner Ай мурун
@hol horse ikr
hol horse
hol horse Ай мурун
I love how respawn listened to half the things he said
Sir Oliver
Sir Oliver 5 саат мурун
the rest I kind of agree with but I think that you have done Revenant completely dirty
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker 7 саат мурун
S tier I’m a god damn Watson main
William Huynh
William Huynh Күн мурун
I have a great idea Make every character broken so that none of them are!!! ...wut.... Its a good idea
CHANCE KNIGHTEN 10 күн мурун
do you even play apex i don't agree
SubSteve216 11 күн мурун
I'm a wraith Main So I'm in a A Tear
Spoon Lover
Spoon Lover 11 күн мурун
Lifeline is my main :)
satvik rastogi
satvik rastogi 17 күн мурун
The buffed crypto so much that he shooted straight from b tier to the top of a tier
The Bush Whacker
The Bush Whacker 21 күн мурун
Both of my mains were in C tier lol but I rarely play this game and when I do I don’t play ranked so I don’t think it matters
Alexis Ivy
Alexis Ivy Ай мурун
Who's watching this in season 6
Tauri Aavik
Tauri Aavik Ай мурун
macro if season 4 was wraith was better then wattson you fat idiot
صهيب قشوع
صهيب قشوع Ай мурун
know pathfinder and wraith dropped to b tier
Syed Muhammad
Syed Muhammad Ай мурун
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker Ай мурун
Okay? Like what games you want to...
Switch Games
Switch Games Ай мурун
Plz tell me how du you stop your gun moving on it’s own wen firering
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker Ай мурун
It’s called recoil. Hold the aim stick down a bit while shooting, but not too much.
Nasser Radhi
Nasser Radhi Ай мурун
F u macro
Iwish she was 18
Iwish she was 18 Ай мурун
3:40 its not the point of it!!! So ur telling me that Bangalore need a buff on her smoke to do 20 damage? Bruh...
Skittles 29 күн мурун
That’s revenant
MarkoY27 Ай мурун
Wraith is most useful legend for me void rush is soo uselles bc you dont take dmg but everyone can see ypu and track you anf portal is ok but still trash character
Zechariah Edwards
Zechariah Edwards Ай мурун
i like playing pathfinder dont play apex that much anymore or at all
Joshua Surajt
Joshua Surajt Ай мурун
The worst list ever
Evan Sibley
Evan Sibley Ай мурун
I disagree with octane being C tier I'd say he's at least top B tier to top A tier
Jared Rose
Jared Rose Ай мурун
Bad tier list
Agentdirtydan Ай мурун
Thank god you put causthicc in a tier for season 6 tier list
Yasmin Ahmed
Yasmin Ahmed Ай мурун
Octane in C tier* Me: Ahhh my heart! Im broke😢😭 No worries im octane maine But its ur opinion!
Doltwils fortnite roblox and more
Doltwils fortnite roblox and more Ай мурун
im soo glad my main is 1 watston
Gabe Snider
Gabe Snider Ай мурун
Undertale makes no sense
Cavan Stewart
Cavan Stewart Ай мурун
Octane is one of the best not the lowest rank
JupiterLegoFilms Ай мурун
what if macro is called macro because his real name is MARCO?
JTDaisy Ай мурун
Macro: path should get a 2 sec nerf Respawn: I’m gonna end this mans career
InfoBird Studios
InfoBird Studios Ай мурун
Watson, in my opinion, is pretty bad. She can only camp buildings and you can just wait them out
PECL YT Ай мурун
My favorite IS Mirage But im veri god with mirage
4am Ай мурун
I feel bad for watts cause when she came out she sucked then she got buffed good now she sucks
Augie Ай мурун
New tier list coming out in the next day or so!
Geek basher
Geek basher Ай мурун
They're listening
GriffGaming28 Ай мурун
Macro has made me redownload apex
S. O.S
S. O.S Ай мурун
Now that wraith is delayed shes probably at A tier
The Time Lime
The Time Lime Ай мурун
i am sooooooooooo happy to hear my main is number one
Steve Cremer
Steve Cremer Ай мурун
I like mirage because he is very good
Lucas Salgado
Lucas Salgado Ай мурун
Octane neeeeeeds a buff
9:52 so basically the pulse blade from titanfall 2
Bird Master
Bird Master Ай мурун
6:19 this is 2020 and ever since caustic and gibraltar got a reduced damage buff i’ve seen a lot of people play caustic
Jackson Crimmings
Jackson Crimmings Ай мурун
I’m a pathfinder main
EconGames Ай мурун
macro: maybe increase the cool down by 2 seconds Respawn: Hahaha you fool
Q8_ star2020
Q8_ star2020 Ай мурун
Bloodhound is my main
Xavier Guerrero
Xavier Guerrero Ай мурун
I am Gibraltor
Littlebig Brawlstars
Littlebig Brawlstars Ай мурун
My main is wraith
Aran Samuel Erikson Jons
Aran Samuel Erikson Jons Ай мурун
Don’t Nerf Watson just buff Watson please please please please Me a Watson mean of course
David Cox
David Cox Ай мурун
chayton hyde
chayton hyde Ай мурун
Plz update this
samyar 2020
samyar 2020 Ай мурун
ok so now it’s season 6 and 1 when mirage revive someone he can go invisible soo that’s s little help:)
oscar :}
oscar :} Ай мурун
Who’s watching after octane buff
Alex Cranston
Alex Cranston Ай мурун
Anyone else watching this when octane has double jump
Not usLess
Not usLess Ай мурун
I think mirage is S tier in 1st April.
Doritoz Exploitz
Doritoz Exploitz Ай мурун
pathfinder 35 seconds b like
Mr. psycho
Mr. psycho Ай мурун
Why is my boy octane not at the top 😠
Josef Santos
Josef Santos Ай мурун
Macro when will you post an updated list
Night Walker
Night Walker Ай мурун
Hey Macro, like u said. U can win with every legend. It depends on your skill with the legend that makes them good to great. So Revenant Caustic are higher on others list where as Wraith could be lower on the list.
Axcy-_- Gaming and vlogs
Axcy-_- Gaming and vlogs Ай мурун
My main is first my main is wAttson
Isaac Durrant
Isaac Durrant Ай мурун
"Maybe nerf his grapple by 2 seconds." Respawn: "add 30 seconds, got it"
Isaac Durrant
Isaac Durrant Ай мурун
@TheFocusPiano 1248 ya, at that point path was unplayable with a ability that took almost half of the time it takes to get his ult.
TheFocusPiano 1248
TheFocusPiano 1248 Ай мурун
@Isaac Durrant wait, rlly
Isaac Durrant
Isaac Durrant Ай мурун
@TheFocusPiano 1248 it was originally brought up to 45 then later toned back to 35
TheFocusPiano 1248
TheFocusPiano 1248 Ай мурун
actually, its 20 seconds, 20 + 15 = 35, so its 20, not 30.
Zyloyz Ай мурун
1. Wraith 2. Pathfinder 3. Rampart 4.wattson 5.gibby 6. Lifeline 7.crypto 8.caustic 9.bangalore 10. Bloodhound 11.loba 12. Mirage 13.octane Bronze 2 :)
Screamskull25 Ай мурун
13:46 Respaen must have heard 90 seconds only
The Academy
The Academy Ай мурун
1% comments: good videos ! 99%: Mirage is good you idiot !
Never nothing Always
Never nothing Always Ай мурун
Almost everything he said actually happened
Braylon Gamer
Braylon Gamer Ай мурун
No way Watson is not close to the bes
Braylon Gamer
Braylon Gamer Ай мурун
The thing is he doesn’t know all the lower tier legends got buffs
ItzDre Ай мурун
Also Caustics gas doesn't affect teammates anymore he is easily A-tier at the least Bangalore smoke now deals a lil damage i forgot what else was buffed she is easily low A-tier, Lifeline A-tier that new revive is op Revenant is high B- low A
ItzDre Ай мурун
Exactly and Wraith got a nerf that makes her like B tier. Her tactical is not that good anymore her ult was overhyped her passive is beyond amazing tho. Mind u i was a wraith main before the nerf
Bestbrutus09 Ай мурун
Maybe increase the cool down on pathfinders grapple no macro no aw no
Ghøst of verdansk
Ghøst of verdansk Ай мурун
Revenant is a beast if used right, I've done extremely well with him soooo idk if he should be d teir but it is your list.
wacky goat
wacky goat Ай мурун
It’s cuz revenant was bad in season 4
Spider_butler Ай мурун
my main is parth and I am so sad that they nerfed him but I also play crypto and blood
Woodster 605
Woodster 605 Ай мурун
I feel that octane should be higher up... I really want to buy him as my first legend but I don’t know if I should now..?
Woodster 605
Woodster 605 Ай мурун
Matthew Dracatos :)
Matthew Dracatos
Matthew Dracatos Ай мурун
He was my first, not too great but he’ll work well if you wanna go fast so buy what your looking for.
toce milio
toce milio Ай мурун
I hope they have an updated version 🙏
Birb The weeb god
Birb The weeb god Ай мурун
Most of the problems have been patched 😁
Daniel Deleon
Daniel Deleon Ай мурун
I love how to this day, a lot of stuff that they said, respawn aded a lot of the suggestion. Maybe they are listening to our suggestions after all. Sometimes
nutshell ina nutshell
nutshell ina nutshell Ай мурун
Also everyone saying mirage good but I still think he is the worst legend in da game
nutshell ina nutshell
nutshell ina nutshell Ай мурун
Make another and put gibby at the top cuz he has the power of god
Apex Legends0654
Apex Legends0654 Ай мурун
Make a new one
Mateusz Maciąg
Mateusz Maciąg Ай мурун
starts at 1:14
King Dududu
King Dududu Ай мурун
Please make a new tier list. The meta has changed so much
Injustice airsoft
Injustice airsoft Ай мурун
Pathfinder made my siri go crazy. Lol
Elmo Ай мурун
Did you know MOZAMBIQUE has had a garbage buff
XxCam87xX Ай мурун
Who’s an octane main watching this after his big buff
XxCam87xX Ай мурун
Fulllikson 28 ye but he said the buffs and said he would be better
Fulllikson 28
Fulllikson 28 Ай мурун
I dont think its BIG buff
Enderman Robot
Enderman Robot Ай мурун
I think a lifeline revenant and caustic together could absolutely destroy a game with proper cooperation
Benjamin Ай мурун
Who else realised that macro looks like flash in far from home
YaBoiShaw Ай мурун
I love watching this and looking at mirage and knowing that Apex basically did all the things to buff him 😂
TheOffical Zaxor
TheOffical Zaxor Ай мурун
i bet loba will come in tier thicc
TheOffical Zaxor
TheOffical Zaxor Ай мурун
macro got that rare octane peace keeper reload animation 4:40
Rasha Mansour
Rasha Mansour Ай мурун
Gas not smoke
Kam Man
Kam Man 2 ай мурун
4:15 who else wanted to slap him across the face
Kam Man
Kam Man Ай мурун
Creamify ok buddy we will see about that
Creamify 2 ай мурун
I will slap u
Calebgamezgodly 2 ай мурун
Season 5 6 has done alot that macro said to do
Steve Luiz
Steve Luiz 2 ай мурун
Nice one bruh keep it up
Acid Visuals
Acid Visuals 2 ай мурун
I agree with all of the choices
BJSlice 2 ай мурун
My path finding baby made it
Scootronic 2 ай мурун
Can you re do this with the changes of season 6. Because the pathfinder thing is kinda sad now, and bloodhound and mirage are more powerful now in my opinion
AlphaKcck 2 ай мурун
Updated tier lists pls for season 6
GamerBoy 2 ай мурун
:macro in wattson for noobs: wattson is not that good :macro in octane for noobs: octane is easily top tier :macro in this video: puts wattson in s tier and octane in c tier
08ThunderShock 2 ай мурун
He should redo this
Ayush Chakraborty
Ayush Chakraborty 2 ай мурун
Macro- 2sec cooldown for pathfinder Apex-20sec more cool down for pathfinder
Rapter gamming
Rapter gamming 2 ай мурун
Make Bangalore shut up
Jack Mckeough
Jack Mckeough 2 ай мурун
Lifelines the worst legand octane and mirage best legand
محمد محمدی
محمد محمدی Ай мурун
What the fuck are you saying bro octane is the wrost and mirage isnt top tier also lifline is a tier
Vin B
Vin B 2 ай мурун
Hussien Madkour
Hussien Madkour 2 ай мурун
hey macro wanna hop on jk but that d be cool have a good day and keeep up the vids and update the tier list
Caden Nadeau
Caden Nadeau 2 ай мурун
Macro needs to make a refreshed tier list bc the legends that he ranked lower on the tier list have been buffed
Oni Swordbase
Oni Swordbase 2 ай мурун
Mirage got to s
محمد محمدی
محمد محمدی Ай мурун
Not s bro maybe A
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